Operating principle

Operation modules


Education of stakeholders on use cases of inter- and intra-company execution of sustainability

Involvement in the development of international standards on sustainability

Alignment on common principles to allow for interoperability

Alliance of sustainability thought leaders across industries, NGOs and certifiers

Governs the ecosystem as an independent cross-company body

Initial tech-stack donated as open source by Siemens to kick-start activities


Layer structure

Application Layer

Third party providers offer solutions that allow industrial companies to communicate with supply chain partners and certifiers via the shared ESTAINIUM protocol

Protocol Layer

Open source technology provides a common basis for trustworthy data exchange

Governance Layer

The ESTAINIUM Association ensures compatibility and independence from unilateral interests

Independence from unilateral interests

Implementation and operation of technical networks, in particular 􀀀for the creation and exchange of certificates for the sustainability 􀀀of products, processes and production infrastructure, as well as all certifications and accompanying activities in this context

Owning, and managing intellectual property and distributing source code for common standards and interaction logic to ensure interoperability and scalability within the network

Founding and steering of a partner ecosystem, in particular with regards to the alignment of shared sustainability accounting and calculation standards, public relations and marketing

Establishment and fostering of international cooperation, in particular involvement in the development and introduction 􀀀of international standards on sustainability

Research and development in the field of technical networks for sustainability and related technologies that promote or support sustainability

Education of stakeholders on use cases that establish and execute methodology and technology in best practices of inter- and intra-company execution of sustainability

Industrial decarbonization

Driving industrial decarbonization holistically in a pre-competitive, cross-industrial, cross-functional ecosystem that includes academia, SME and large corporations alike

the ESTAINIUM Network as an open and independent infrastructure

companies to drive decarbonization today and share best practices

the future of sustainable industry together with a source-to-sink perspective

Initial tech-stack donated as open source by Siemens AG