Primary activities

Technology and Infrastructure

Exchanging PCF and further ESG data along the supply chain requires interoperability by common technology and infrastructure defined by the working group:

  • Identify requirements on the infrastructure ensuring acceptance by the industry (e.g., data sovereignty, confidentiality)
  • Select base infrastructure (e.g., IDunion, GAIA-X) and define its application on PCF/ESG data sharing
  • Define and setup organization for operation
  • Publish technology-stack and joint standards
Standards and Norms Compatibility

Establishing Meta-Standards, Handbooks and Exchange formats on ESG Data, balancing:

  • Ease of use
  • Need for consistent methodology within the PCFs along one value chain/network
  • interoperability between different PCF standards & reporting schemes
Carbon Capture, Use, Storage & Compensation
  • Identify and describe carbon sink technologies as an inevitable part of the product life cycle
  • Provide criteria set for the selection of carbon sinks and compensations
  • Define evaluation and certification methods
  • Apply digitalization for efficient certification processes for a variety of compensation providers
  • Multi dimensional templates for a grid of sinks as the condition for carbon sink services
  • Establish ESTAINIUM as an acknowledged standard for trustworthy sinks, connected to the exchanged PCF
Education and communication

THE UNIQUE CONSTELLATION of the ESTAINIUM Association enables us to develop practical solutions to overcome current and future challenges – for all stakeholders